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Copy the following code and paste it on your website
(at the end of the HTML Body section)

   _gstpln.accessKey = "16836b8e2cb8c8da29e0ffc15dd7954538d1b828";

Google Tag Manager

DataLayer: “booking”, date, time, partySize

Function to open the widget with a link/button - optional

<button onclick="_gstpln.openWidget()">CLICK HERE</button>

Prevent to open the widget automatically on desktops - optional

_gstpln.open = false;

Set the color (the color can be set in Guestplan App settings)

_gstpln.color = "9D5B00";

Set the language - 可选

_gstpln.locale = "ja";

Catalan (ca) , Czech (cs) , Danish (da) , German (de) , English (en) , English (en-gb)
Spanish (es) , Finnish (fi) , French (fr) , Croatian (hr) , Italian (it) , Japanese (ja)
Korean (ko) , Dutch (nl) , Norwegian (no) , Portuguese (pt) , Polish (pl) , Slovak (sk)
Serbian (sr) , Swedish (sv) , Turkish (tr) , Chinese (zh)

Services and Deals - optional

Manage your Services and Deals to promote Discounts and specials.
Go to the Serive Manager in eTender Online for more information.

Special messages, selections, checks and options - advanced

The widget collects by default the date, party size and time in 3 simple steps.
For special weekdays, range of dates, range of party sizes and/or a range of times there could be an extra step.
For example to choose a section of the restaurant. Select adults, childeren and babies, vouchers, add extra contact fields, change the text, etc.
This powerful feature is very extented and has a lot of possibilities.
Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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